How to Change Netgear WiFi Router Default Password?

By default, every WiFi router launched by Netgear operates on the default password “password”. Since we’ve revealed the default value of the router’s login password, it is very clear that the same information can be found anywhere on the internet. In light of the same fact, if you own a Netgear WiFi router and it is still working on the default password, you should modify it immediately. In this post, we will shed light on the steps to change the Netgear WiFi router default password by accessing the web-based management utility.

This is for your information that the default web address will help you reach the web-based management utility of the router. From this, it is also clear that a web browser will be needed for the process. With that said, let’s start the instructions for changing the default password of a Netgear router.

Note: In case you’ve reset your WiFi router due to some reasons, then also you are supposed to change the default password of the router as all the customized values will get erased with the completion of the reset process.

Steps to Change Netgear WiFi Router Default Password

We are assuming that you’ve already turned off your WiFi router and the modem. In case you have not done so, then do the honors right away. Once done, consider following the steps given below:

  • Verify Cable Connections: First of all, you are required to ensure that you’ve established proper cable connections between your router and the modem. The reason is that the modem will serve as the internet source for the router. Accessing the router’s web-based management portal will become impossible if the connection is not there. You need to make sure that the LAN cable is connected to the WAN port of your Netgear device and the LAN1 port of your modem. Besides, the connection is supposed to be finger-tight and the cable in use must be correct. After verifying cable connections, you must power up your WiFi devices. Firstly, your WiFi modem, and then the router.
  • Log in to Your Router: The next step is to log in to your WiFi router. Thus, switch on your computer and connect it to the Netgear network. You are free to use a LAN cable if the WiFi utility is not there on your PC. Once done, loading an internet browser and visiting the URL is the next task. You can go with the IP address if the router’s URL fails to work. When you reach the router’s login page, consider entering the admin details (the password and username) of the router and click Log In.
  • Change the Password: The last and final step in the process to change the Netgear WiFi router default password is to navigate to the Management tab. After reaching there, you have to click the Administration option. Locate the Change Password option and click it. Thereafter, input the default value into the Old password field and the desired password into the New Password field. Consider entering the password again to confirm it. But, this time into the Re-enter Password area. Save the changes and log out of the router.

Can’t Change Netgear Router Default Password?

We are being hopeful that using the steps given above, logging into the router, and changing the default password might have become a cakewalk for you. But, just in case, you cannot complete the process, we advise you to read the tips given below and follow them:

  • Use an Updated Web Browser: You need to be very sure about the web browser used for changing the default password of your WiFi router. The reason being, an outdated web browser does not allow access to the management portal of a few networking devices. With that said, upgrade the web browser in use. Also, erase the cache and cookies.
  • Restart the Router: Restarting the WiFi router can also help you get success through the process. You must know that network glitches have the power to affect the performance of your router and hence its ability to apply certain changes. Thus, to get rid of them, restart the router and retry.

Sum Up

That’s all about how to change the Netgear WiFi router default password. We hope that you will be able to complete the login process and change the router’s password easily. So, consider using the new password for future login attempts.

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